Tax Dispute Resolution

Being subject to a tax investigation by the Revenue Department is no longer the exception but the rule in the self-assessment regime that Thailand follows. A tax investigation is almost inevitable even for the good taxpayer and the multiplicity of complex laws and regulations could be a source of exposure.

As tax investigations by the Revenue Department take place more systematically, companies will find that they need an unusual blend of skill and experience to effectively deal with it.

Our tax Dispute Resolution service provides support to the company during the course of an investigation. This includes:

  • Advising on interpretation and application of complex and sometimes ambiguous rules and regulations prescribed in the Revenue Code;
  • Co-ordinating with the Revenue Officer and providing necessary documents and information;
  • Defending transactions under attack with effective strategies; and
  • Negotiating exceptions to tax compliance to minimize tax liabilities.

If not properly dealt with, an investigation could result in unexpected and excessive liabilities, not to mention a diversion of company's resources of time and energy. So why not plan for this and act now for a favourable outcome?

In addition to our Tax Investigation Assistance services, our Dispute Resolution & Litigation Group also provides tax litigation services.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Our Dispute Resolution & Litigation Group assists clients in reconciling business disagreements through negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We represent clients in the conduct of civil, tax, criminal and administrative litigation proceedings.