Our Sustainability Solutions Services

Companies are increasingly being held responsible for not only their own activities, but for those of their suppliers, business partners, the community and the people who use or are impacted by their products.

They are held accountable not only by investors and shareholders but by the government, media, employees, community groups, non-government organisations, environmentalists and customers.

A sustainable development (SD) agenda begins with a commitment to incorporate social, environmental, economic and ethical factors into the company’s strategic decision-making.

But where to begin?

As part of an international team of sustainability practitioners with nearly 20 years of global experience, PwC Thailand’s Sustainability Solutions group can work with you on:

  • Sustainability strategy design and implementation
  • Sustainability function set-up and definition of sustainability roles & responsibilities
  • Sustainability assurance and reporting advice
  • Sustainability tax optimisation and structuring advice
  • Other Sustainability Solutions to issues that matter to you – ranging from sustainability due diligence to carbon and climate change services