Risk and Control Solutions (RCS)

The Risk and Control Solutions team integrates PwC's expertise in strategic and financial risk, regulatory advice, governance and compliance
risk, operational risk, controls and internal audit.

We offer an integrated approach to risk, and work with our clients to help them build a resilient and successful business. This involves identifying and maximising opportunities, protecting reputation, mitigating downside threats and designing and implementing an optimised control environment.

We provide a range of internal audit services, from outsourcing and co-sourcing, to Sarbanes-Oxley services and Quality Assurance Reviews, that go above traditional financial reporting to help internal audit realise its full strategic potential.

In addition, we have the necessary expertise in accounting and finance to help our clients enhance the timeliness and accuracy of the close and reporting process, utilisingour SmartClose methodology to streamline and optimise the entire close-to-report cycle.

Is this your situation?

  • There are inadequate competencies in your internal audit function/other assurance functions to address the Risk & Governance issues.
  • You need reliable and available data for internal and external reporting.
  • Your business regularly encounters “surprises” and engages in firefighting activities.
  • You need an independent review of your control structure, including identification of weaknesses and possible design enhancements.
  • You need to identify and address complaints and breaches of legislation and internal processes.
  • You need advice on management performance and accountability.
  • You need to regularly assess the Board’s performance in view of changing corporate governance requirements and potential shareholder activities.
  • You need to conduct strategic risk testing and analyse the level of risk associated with selected strategies/options.
  • You’re facing a growing list of rules and regulations with which you're required to comply.

How PwC can help you

In RCS we are demand-driven from the outside in. We invest in relationship with our clients, we listen to them and understand their issues, and develop solutions and capabilities to meet their needs.

RCS Services