10 Minutes: On expanding business in Asia Pacific

We'd like to share with you our recent 10 Minutes: On expanding business in Asia Pacific (May 2012).

The report explores the ways global companies integrate more deeply in the region and the priorities Asia-Pacific business and government leaders believe are needed to sustain the region's growth.

A few highlights from the report include:

  • Multinationals are deeply integrating in the region, setting up regional hubs and laying down intra-regional distribution and services networks. Expanding trade, more numerous and efficient supply chains, low labour costs and high GDP growth help enable this.
  • The US has re-engaged in the region, with the finalisation of a trade pact (Trans-Pacific Partnership) a possibility in 2012.
  • Multinationals are tapping innovation in the region for new products and services fitting the needs and wants of the region's rising middle class.
  • Companies are forging partnerships with governments, state-owned enterprises and consumers in booming sectors such as infrastructure, financial services, and healthcare.

A copy of the research can be downloaded at: http://www.pwccn.com/webmedia/doc/634738878405845843_cn_10mins_may2012.pdf