Thai Tax 2012 Booklet: A new report from PwC

PwC Thailand (PricewaterhouseCoopers) would like to share with you our latest research paper 'Thai Tax 2012 Booklet' (issued on 1 Aug 2012).

The booklet offers general information on Thailand's tax system and primary assistance to those investing in Thailand.

A few highlights from the report include:

  • Tax incentives - the Board of Investment (BoI), IEAT free zone, duty free zone, regional operating headquarters and international procurement centre
  • Corporate income tax - taxable entities, taxable income, capital gains, exemptions, computation of net profit
  • Personal income tax - taxable persons, tax rates, withholding tax, penalties and surcharge
  • Value Added Tax - basis of taxation, taxpayers, exemptions, tax rates, computation
  • Local taxes - basis of taxation, local development tax and house and land tax
  • Customs duties - customs controls and procedures, customs incentives schemes and offence and penalties
  • Excise tax - basis of taxation, taxable goods and services
  • Petroleum income tax - taxable income, tax administration and penalties and surcharge

A copy of the report can be downloaded at: