PwC Thailand's CEO on NOW26 ตอน "ความพร้อมของไทยในเวทีเออีซี"

BANGKOK, 26 April 2014 - Sira Intarakumthornchai, Chief Executive Officer for PwC Thailand, gave an interview to NOW26 (formerly Krungthep Turakij TV), one of Thailand's leading financial news stations, on whether Thailand is ready for the Asean Economic Community taking effect in early 2016.

He told the Ringside programme that Thailand is poised to benefit from the AEC given its strategic location and trade connectivity. Industries such as services, manufacturing, food and automobile are ready for the competition, but small-to-medium sized operators will need to make adjustments to succeed.

Despite ongoing political uncertainties, Thailand's fundamentals remain sound driven by strong corporate earnings.

To watch his interview, click on the link below.