Business Continuity Management (BCM)

What information can support you in challenging times?

The current flooding situation is Thailand's worst in five decades, seriously disrupting business activity and causing huge losses. However there are ways that organisations can minimise the impact of such a crisis if they have a properly drawn-up Business Continuity Plan (BCP). If your business, home or community has been hit by floods, your first thoughts naturally focus on survival. Here are some practical emergency management guidelines to help you react to the unexpected.

We combine key lessons from our own recovery at PwC, as well as those of our clients and communities. We have also collated some global insights on how to respond when natural disaster devastates on such a large scale.

We include a high-level Business Continuity Management (BCM) checklist to help you ensure that you have considered all the factors in your response and recovery phase. In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to share our insights to support you in restoring and rebuilding, so that you and your business can emerge even stronger and more resilient.