Doing Business on a Global Scale

Building a truly global organisation and expanding into new markets presents a major opportunity for entertainment and media companies. But inevitably, as they expand overseas, entertainment and media companies will face much more complex financial, operational and human resource management issues. Are they ready?

Unfortunately, no. According to PwC’s eighth annual Global CEO Survey, only 26 percent of CEOs surveyed are very confident that their organisations can respond to governance, risk management and compliance matters related to foreign laws and regulations.

How PwC can help you

Clearly, entertainment and media companies have much more work to do if they are to manage a global work force, handle currency risks, oversee international contracts and content rights, and respond to the requirements of foreign government and industry regulators. On all these matters and more, PwC can help. We are an experienced provider of such diverse services to the global entertainment and media industry. Our skills and capabilities address industry challenges related to global regulatory compliance, risk management, transfer pricing, international tax structuring, expatriate services, strategy development, and operational structuring.