Attracting & Retaining Customers

In today’s entertainment and media market, content owners and distributors are competing not only to attract new customers, but also to build loyalty and retention rates among existing customers. Today's mandate for "reinvention" means the future depends not only on incremental improvements, but on quantum-leap breakthroughs as well. Subscription-based operators are constantly developing strategies to maintain and grow ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) through customer retention, process improvement, and product innovation. In the wider sphere, across the E&M landscape cable and satellite TV operators, broadcast and cable networks, cinema owners, newspaper and magazine publishers, and Internet portals are struggling to enhance their customer care and management operations. Companies are seeking to derive value from the entire customer management value chain, from database interrogation to inform and drive marketing and cost-reduction strategies, to development of powerful people and systems strategies which can deliver the highest level of customer service.

That's why technological advances and functional improvement programs alone aren't enough. You need a way to improve your processes and the organisation supporting those processes to achieve performance results which will benefit and be recognised by those who count the most — your customers and stakeholders.