IT Strategy, Planning and Organisation

Business leaders depend on information technology to sustain value and keep an edge on competition, and to do so, enterprise-wide systems must perform at a high level.

Evolving technologies, however, can pose threats to business operations, and legacy systems are often inefficient and out of date. As a result, IT spending will consume 10 percent of corporate budgets by 2015, and IT will be forced to deliver more value on the investment.

PwC's IT Strategy, Planning and Organisation practice helps clients manage technology so they can achieve their competitive advantage. Our services include:

  • IT master plan development: Developing the IT master plan outlining priorities and roadmap for all IT initiatives aligning with corporate and business strategies.
  • IT strategy and business alignment: Coordination of IT and business strategies to strike the ideal balance of effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation
  • IT governance and organisation: Design of a governance framework for IT management practices, risk avoidance, and roles and responsibilities
  • Application and portfolio rationalisation: Analysis of new and existing applications and decision making to achieve a rational portfolio and effective management practices
  • IT cost management: Improvement in efficiency to eliminate business redundancies, consolidate technologies, and renegotiate contracts
  • Merger technology integration: Defining all aspects of the merger and acquisition process with an end-to-end suite of solutions, from strategy development, financial analysis, due diligence and transaction execution to organisational and system integration, optimisation, and transformation