Licensing management and contract compliance

Maximising the value of large contracts in Thailand can be especially challenging for companies navigating the complex legal, cultural and corporate environment – often in an unfamiliar language. Companies face a host of threats including intellectual property theft, overcharging and contract non-performance from suppliers, vendors and related parties. PwC’s team of professionals can help maximise compliance and amounts owed under business contracts, resolve disputes with partners, minimise overcharges and improve controls and contract language.

PwC Thailand brings together local knowledge, language and culture to help companies optimise their revenues, capitalise on and protect intellectual property, and manage risk.

Our services include:

  • identifying underreporting of royalty or franchise fee revenue
  • mitigating overcharges for services or product manufacturing outsourced to third parties
  • detecting grey market activity or other contract violations committed by channel partners
  • identifying overpayment or lack of realised savings from supply contracts, and
  • determining underperformance or cost contribution from partners.