Financial Risk Management

Our Financial Risk Management's (FRM) aim is to assist our clients in the management of the risk/return trade-off present within their businesses. An organisation should seek to minimise the risk of financial loss, while encouraging controlled risk taking, for which the business can earn a comparatively high return.

Our FRM team tailors solutions to the needs and priorities of clients in the Asian region. Working with our clients, in the areas of Credit, Operational, and Market Risk/Asset Liability Management, as well as in advanced Risk Adjusted Performance and Capital Management techniques, our services range from the assessment of existing risk management capabilities, to the design and implementation of an enhanced risk management infrastructure and framework, complete with performance measurements and management controls.

Our goal is to assist our clients in establishing robust risk management methodologies, reporting and decision-making tools, designed to facilitate increased profits, more efficiently allocated capital and reserves, and development of a stronger culture of management and control within the organisation as a whole. Our activities typically cover the following areas:

Financial Risk Management Services

Basel II Solutions

  • Preparing financial institutions for the next level of regulations
Risk Management Advisory
  • Reviewing current risk management framework, and designing/implementing a prioritised plan to facilitate the required improvements
Financial Risk Software Consulting
  • Advising on the selection and implementation of financial risk software solutions
Corporate Treasury Solutions
  • Advising corporate treasuries on improving cash, asset/liability management, interest rate and foreign exchange risk management