Forensics Accounting (Associate/ Senior Associate)

Associate/ Senior Associate


Job Requirement Essential

PwC forensics services - we combine financial, accounting and regulatory knowledge with deep technical and industry experience to assist our clients in confronting the regulatory, legal and commercial challenges as a result of unplanned events. We apply technology-based solutions to information management and electronic-discovery demands, advise clients on ways to mitigate risk, improve corporate compliance and key business processes. We serve as expert witnesses addressing critical business issues in litigation and regulatory proceedings.

As a member of PwC Thailand - Forensics Services practice, you will help identify and analyze vulnerabilities in order to manage and mitigate risk. Our in-depth process of forensic accounting and forensic technology diagnosis allows our clients to continue their business, recover lost funds and halt further economic losses.


  • B.S. and/or M.S. in law, economics, finance, accounting, business management
  • Minimum 2 Years of Experience

Knowledge Preferred

  • Background in accounting, corporate finance, corporate security/investigations or internal/external audit functions
  • Considerable understanding of effective corporate ethics, compliance, and transparency programs, and public/private sector counter-fraud measures and internal control
  • methodologies, terminology and design effectiveness
  • Knowledge of conducting internal investigations and inquiries on corporate entities and affiliates, commercial and private sector intelligence-gathering
  • Knowledge of business processes and industry insight
  • Strong financial and business analytical skills

Skills Preferred

  • Familiarity with researching business information through business affiliate and external databases; working experience analyzing information
  • Ability to extract, gather and interpret qualitative and quantitative information and weave together disparate data to develop relevant insights and determine business implications
  • Ability to think analytically, strategically, and apply good business judgment for purposes of identifying an entity or individual's subtle risk features and/or identifying and addressing client needs
  • Demonstrates a flexible work style, sufficient to function effectively with changing directives and priorities, where all information is not known
  • Ability to utilize effectively written and verbal business communication skills when collaborating and interacting with clients and firm staff and/or management in client discussions and meetings, as well as conducting interviews
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple projects and requirements simultaneously
  • Experience in corporate investigations is a plus
  • Ability to travel within the SE ASIA region is often required; incoming professionals may expect at least 20% travel - many forensic engagements may occur with little advance
  • notice and are of indeterminate duration, requiring significant flexibility on behalf of our consultants