Forensics Technology Services (Manager)



Job Description

PwC Advisory practice provides comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to companies with complex business problems. 

The Forensics Technology Solutions ("FTS") practice within Advisory gathers, interprets, and analyzes massive volumes of data and applies financial, statistical, accounting, and computer forensics skills to provide cost-effective, proactive strategies and solutions to complex business disputes. 

In addition, we provide quantitative analytic solutions in instances where facts are at issue and the answers are buried in voluminous, complex collections of transactional data. We do so by developing and implementing the information management systems which allow our clients to manage that data so they can rely upon it to make informed decisions. FTS currently offers the following services to its legal and corporate clients in the following areas: Digital Discovery / Computer Forensics, Litigation Support Analysis, Information Technology Expert Services, Bankruptcy Claims Management, Business Application Development, including engagement extranets.


  • Bachelor or above in Accounting, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Finance or Business Administration.
  • 5-7 years experience as public accountant, auditor, internal auditor, engineer, or related occupation.
  • Experience programming on various platforms utilizing data manipulation tools. Experience with relational databases or an ERP system. Experience with business processes and drivers for technology. Experience in more than one of these technologies: CAAT (Computer Assisted Auditing Technologies), Auditing skills (Financial Audit, Information Technology Audit or Internal Audit), ACL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL, SAS, Visual Basic, or ERP Systems and database technologies.
  • Experience with managing people, projects, and, internal and external relationships required.
  • Responsibilities of our FTS professional may include, but are not limited to, planning, scoping, and reporting on projects, developing proposals for potential new engagements, client relationship management, project profitability management, and managing, coaching, and developing staff.
  • Experience working in multi-facet environments with business, accounting and technology stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language is considered a plus. We welcome candidates with distinguished professional achievement, a high level of personal integrity, a high level of energy, a commitment to teamwork, and a strong desire to learn.
  • Ability to build relationships with clients and internal PwC professionals, also be able to work under tight deadlines, prioritize, handle multiple tasks, utilize strong leadership and technical skills, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to work in team environments and client-facing situations are essential.