Technology Forecast: Rethinking integration: Emerging patterns from cloud computing leaders


Rethinking integration: Emerging patterns from cloud computing leaders

Leading Internet companies that live and breathe cloud computing continue to find ways to enhance performance. PwC believes all enterprises that compute at scale can benefit from the experiences of these companies. This series of articles and interviews targets the perennial challenge of systems integration, asking and answering the question, “What can leading Internet companies teach the rest of us about integrating at scale?”

Exploring these lessons is the focus of the Summer 2014 PwC Technology Forecast, planned for release in four parts:

Coming soon: Infrastructure integration: Portable apps, Docker, and interchangeable clouds
Coming soon: Rethinking integration summary: Emerging patterns from cloud leaders

As we complete each article, we’ll post summary blogs introducing and exploring the issues on PwC’s Emerging Technology blog.

These topics are interrelated, and we’re interested in knowing more your perspectives. Please contact us with your thoughts. We plan to learn from your perspectives and comments and summarize our findings to describe the bigger picture at the conclusion of the research.