Corporate Responsibility

Creating value through responsible business

At PwC we believe in being 'part of it': part of the global conversation and movement towards responsible business practices that create positive change in the world. Through our own CR agenda, we can be part of the solution to global challenges in two ways. We set out our strategic intent as:

  • Doing the right thing; which means playing our part in responsible business issues that are central to our business - from the quality of our services to our engagement with communities and our environmental footprint.
  • Being a catalyst for change; which is about using our skills, voice, and relationships to work with others and influence activities that make a difference, create change and have a lasting impact on the world around us.

These aims form the core of our CR Strategy, in which we focus on areas:

  • Responsible Business
  • People and Workplace Culture
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Community Engagement
PwC CR Strategy Corporate Responsibility

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