SSC Survey 2014

Moving towards Centres of Excellence

The aim of this survey, conducted by PwC in July and August 2014, is to provide an exclusive overview on the latest developments of Czech and Slovak SSCs. The objective of our survey  was also to discover and document the best practices of setting up and running SSCs.

Our CEE region continues to be the most popular region for SSCs and outsourcing from Western Europe. With many small to mid size European companies entering the SSC market, we expect CEE to further strengthen its position as a major growth region in the coming years. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are two of the most attractive CEE locations and have developed a leading reputation for quality and high value services over the last 10 years.

About the survey

  • 29 participants
  • from 2 countries
  • up to 3,000 employees in the biggest SSC
  • representing 5 industry sectors
  • 3/4 of them in the 3 main SSC hubs – Prague, Bratislava and Brno
  • most SSCs were established between 2005 and 2007

Our survey shows that Czech and Slovak SSCs are moving “up the value curve” and are offering higher value for their organisations. The clear aim of most Czech and Slovak SSCs is to become the first choice advisor to businesses for the operations in their scope. The PwC SSC maturity assessment model confirms that respondents overall focus their main attention towards achieving higher quality and faster service for their customers and are contributing significantly to the success of their companies and the local economies.

The following are the top 10 trends we observe based on this year’s survey:

  1. Becoming a business partner
  2. Multifunctional scope of SSCs
  3. Operational Excellence Optimisation
  4. End-to-end process ownership
  5. Customer orientation is gaining importance
  6. Turnover rate of employees is increasing
  7. Optimised IT & Automation
  8. Consolidation and outsourcing is on a 3 year plan
  9. CEE is by far the most popular location for SSCs
  10. Qualified employees is an important criterion when selecting an SSC

Find out more in the final report from the SSC Survey 2014.