Cost reduction and performance improvement


View this page in: SlovenčinaWe help clients identify where their major cost and value drivers are, and work with them to assess how they can be better managed. Our analysis addresses the benefits and risks of optimising costs and value, in both internal processes and external relationships with customers and suppliers. Cost Management globally focuses on enhancing organisational structures by:

  • Delivering savings by analysing the cost base using external and internal benchmarks; and developing and implementing improvement through rationalising operations and projects, shared services or out-sourcing, and redundancy programmes.
  • Maximising the buying power of the business by analysing existing spend, identifying opportunities for savings, and designing improved procurement structures and controls.
  • Implementation of cost management strategies, developing ongoing benefits realisation plan and Procurement Analysis.

Process improvement

We deliver improvements across all areas of the business, from design through to delivery of products and services. We explore the root causes of problems and identify opportunities for improvement across the business to achieve long-term and sustainable benefits, such as reduced costs, improved throughput time, reduced defects and improved quality, and increased customer satisfaction and revenue.
Having identified the opportunities for improvement we help clients execute their improvement programmes to realise the benefits and help them develop effective operations by:

  • Process re-engineering using lean
  • Process re-engineering using six sigma
  • Process mapping
  • Operational risk analysis
  • Task/Job/Activity analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Claims transformation
  • Corporate centre transformation

Corporate simplification

We provide corporate simplification services for organizations that need to save on operating costs and achieve a simplified, more transparent corporate structure by eliminating inactive companies that have fulfilled their economic purpose. We will provide you with initial advice on how to best shape this type of project, and point out the many potential pitfalls. Once engaged, we undertake a preliminary review of the identified surplus entities and advise on the most appropriate route to eliminate them. The review will also identify issues that need to be addressed prior to dissolution, and allow for the specific allocation of responsibilities for resolving these. We can tailor our involvement to match your specific needs and resources. We have the experience and knowledge to manage projects from start to finish.


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