Risk Management


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Enterprise Risk Management is a comprehensive, systematic approach for helping all organisations, regardless of size or mission, to identify events, and measure, prioritise and respond to the risks challenging its most critical objectives and related projects, initiatives and day-to-day operating practices. ERM fosters informed decision making that balances growth and return. In essence, it analyzes how much risk a company is taking in light of its growth initiatives. It also evaluates how much risk resides in the expected return. This trade-off represents the value creation element of the process. Implemented correctly, ERM allows a company to identify opportunities for further value creation as it seeks an acceptable risk response strategy.

Potential issues

  • You need to make informed risk taking, growth, innovation and development/options selection.
  • You require a diagnostic review of your corporate/enterprise risk frameworks (against existing "codes").
  • You want to conduct a review of dependent business routines (e.g., the linkage between risk and planning, risk and business reporting/metrics).
  • You need strategic risk-testing and analysis of level of risk associated with selected strategies/options.
  • You need manage operational risk-including the Basel II scope of exposures for risks pertaining to running of operations.

How we can support you

  • Diagnostic review of corporate / enterprise risk frameworks (against existing "codes" and PwC frameworks)
  • Design and implement an enterprise or whole of business approach to risk
  • Review of dependent business routines (eg linkage between risk and planning, risk and business reporting / metrics)
  • Complex risk framing and modelling, decision analysis / options analysis
  • Market risk modelling and solutions
  • Credit risk modelling and solutions
  • Operational risk modelling, solutions and Basel II programs


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