How can we help you?

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  • Do you wish to establish a legal presence in Slovakia?
  • Do you wish to acquire or dispose of a business in Slovakia?
  • Have you acquired a competitor and are considering uniting both companies?
  • Is part of your business to be sold?
  • Are you a majority shareholder seeking to obtain a 100% ownership in an entity you control?
  • Is your company’s legal form incompatible with your business plans?
  • Do you think corporate restructuring would make your company more profitable?
  • Are you considering tax litigation?
  • Do you need to align the employment issues in your company?

We can help you in all aspects of corporate life. Prepare comprehensive legal scenarios including drafting all necessary legal documents) and execute all steps in mergers, de-mergers, absorptions, transformations, spinoffs, and acquisitions of any form (sales of businesses or their part, asset deals, etc.).

What can we do for your company?

Incorporation of companies
Establish all kinds of business companies, including joint-stock companies, limited-liability companies, general and limited partnerships, as well as branches of national and foreign legal entities.

Due diligence
Support you in planning and executing the acquisition due diligence projects.

Company restructuring
Carry out initial analyses of the legal aspects of the planned restructuring, including proposal of convenient solutions and realisation scenarios, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Implementation of the selected option, including mergers & acquisitions.

The following are the key business areas where clients require legal services alongside PwC multi-disciplinary service offering:

  • Corporate and Commercial law (including IP/IT)
  • Company secretarial
  • Regulatory
  • Employment law
  • Commercial real estate
  • Tax litigation
  • Other