Banking Banana Skins 2014

Every two years, PwC sponsors the Banking Banana Skins survey conducted by the Centre of the Study of Financial Innovation. Each survey identifies potential sources of risks to banks and then ranks them by severity. Also included are industry members' views about the risks they face, the soundness of financial markets, and other pressing issues.

PwC has joined forces with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) to explore what risks bankers worldwide are facing in the current climate and how they prioritise them. The poll is based on responses from more than 650 bankers, banking regulators and close observers of the banking industry in 59 countries, including Slovakia.

Global banking industry names regulation and political interference as top risks over macro-economic concerns. The leading risks in Slovakia are focused on the strength of banks: the availability of capital, credit risk and the tendency to under-price risk.