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The Future of Power Utilities in Central and Eastern Europe

Market conditions particular to CEE countries (political environment focused on security of supply, energy prices and employment

Väčšina dodávateľov automobilového priemyslu na Slovensku očakáva v tomto roku rast tržieb

Dostupnosť kvalifikovanej pracovnej sily už vnímajú ako limitujúci faktor ďalšieho rastu. Uspieť v odvetví je náročnejšie – až 77 % dodávateľov plánuje v najbližšej budúcnosti zvýšiť efektivitu výrobných kapacít. Vyplýva to z Prieskumu dodávateľov automobilového priemyslu 2016.

Slovak CEO survey 2016

CEOs in Slovak companies expressed how they see the growth of their companies over the coming years and which factors threaten the future of their business in Slovak CEO survey 2016 conducted by PwC and Forbes.

Compared to Western European companies, Czech and Slovak companies underestimate the importance and benefits of digital technologies to future revenue

How do top managers manage investments in digital technologies so they contribute to the sustainable development of companies? Since 2007, PwC’s Digital IQ Survey has asked this question. The survey examines the practices and performance of global companies drawn from the experience of almost 2,000 executives from 51 countries. The study analyses 25 factors and we have selected the main conclusions applicable to the Slovak and Czech markets.

One third of Slovak managers has experienced economic crime

In Slovakia more than one third (34%) of respondents has experienced one or more incidents of economic crime in the past 24 months. Economic crime continues to be a serious issue affecting organisations worldwide, across Central & Eastern Europe and in Slovakia.

PwC: Slovak Automotive Suppliers Survey 2015

Slovak Automotive Suppliers Survey 2015

PwC: Pocket Tax Book 2016

PwC: Pocket Tax Book 2016. Thought leadership initiative that provides on a year-by-year basis a concise summary of Slovak tax rules.

PwC: Steuern Kompakt 2016

PwC: Steuern Kompakt 2016. Praktischer Leitfaden durch das slowakische Steuersystem.

PwC: Effectiveness of the Finance Function in Slovakia

PwC: Effectiveness of the Finance Function in Slovakia

PwC: Transparency Report

PwC: Transparency Report for the Financial Year Ending 31 December 2015

SSC Survey 2014: Moving towards Centres of Excellence

Prieskum slúži ako užitočný benchmarkingový nástroj pre lídrov v SSC. Ponúka pohľad na rôzne fázy vývoja SSC na Slovensku ale aj celosvetovo.

PwC: Paying Taxes 2016

Paying Taxes is a unique study from PwC and the World Bank Group. Paying Taxes 2016 released in November 2015 provides data on tax systems in 189 economies around the world, with an ability to monitor tax reform.

PwC: Global CEO Survey

PwC: Global CEO Survey

Global Economic Crime Survey 2016

Whether its fraud, IP infringement, corruption, cybercrime, or accounting fraud, economic crime continues to be a major concern for organisations of all sizes, across all regions and in virtually every sector. But as our 2016 Global Economic Crime Survey reveals, the real story is not the persistence of economic crime, it’s the threat it poses to your business processes, your employee morale, and your reputation.

PwC: Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2015

A joint undertaking of the Urban Land Institute and PwC, the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® series provides an outlook on real estate investment and development trends, real estate finance and capital markets, trends by property sector and metropolitan area, and other real estate issues around the globe.

PwC: Global Economic Crime Survey 2014, report for Slovakia

Global Economic Crime Survey conducted by PwC is the most comprehensive survey of economic crime available to businesses.

PwC: Banking Banana Skins 2015

Every two years, PwC sponsors the Banking Banana Skins survey conducted by the Centre of the Study of Financial Innovation. Each survey identifies potential sources of risks to banks and then ranks them by severity.

PwC: IPO Watch Europe

IPO Watch Europe surveys all new primary market equity IPOs on Europe’s principal stock markets and market segments on a quarterly basis.