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“Based on the benchmarking results and recommendations of the PwC implementation team, we made changes in the organizational structure and made processes more effective. The knowledge we gained, the method of evaluating the performance of human resources in accordance with the Saratoga project, and changes made in the follow-ing years were extremely beneficial for the prompt and smooth incorporation of Matador a.s. Púchov into the international Continental Group in 2008.”

PhDr. Jozef Kapec
HR Management Department
Continental Matador Rubber s.r.o. Púchov

“Thanks to the professional experience of the consultants, we succeeded in achieving a high rate of return of completed questionnaires and getting valuable feedback from our employees. After accomplishing the survey, the PwC project team prepared a well-arranged final report for us, in which the results achieved were interpreted and communicated to the HR Department and the top management as well. The advantage of our mutual co-operation was the comparability of results with the market and within the given sector.”

Ing. Júlia Ivanovičová
Director of the Education and Development Department
VÚB, a.s.

“We collaborated with PwC on the project aimed at setting HR processes. After using the Recruitment Process Design and setting up a cost centre for the Recruitment department, the whole process of recruiting staff became more effective. Recommendations from the best-practice area for recruiting activities have made the whole process much more effective and saved us a lot of money. I consider co-operation with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the HR field to be very beneficial, effective, and, in the end, economical.”

PhDr. Mgr. Jaromír Radkovský, MBA
General Manager Human Resources
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, s.r.o.

“Our goal was to implement a transparent, competitive, and well-arranged remuneration system; and we can say that the experts from PwC succeeded in accomplishing this task to the fullest extent. We certainly expect to co-operate with PwC in the future and utilize the qualities and know-how of its experts.”

Nik Vincke
Chairman of the Board of Directors
ČSOB Poisťovňa, a.s.

“I appreciate the HR Benchmarking study mainly because it factors in local conditions, needs, and the situation on the Slovak market in its outputs. Every year, I look forward to the results, and then search for improvement opportunities.”

Ľuboslava Fábryová
Head of the HR Development and Advisory Section
Slovak Telekom, a.s.

“Every year, we use the salary information from the PayWell project when comparing and setting wage and salary levels in our company. I appreciate mainly the analysis of earnings by individual job positions and a well-arranged report on em-ployee benefits provided.”

Ing. Zlatko Uhlík
Head of the Remuneration Department