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PayWell outputs are easy to understand and contain all the information necessary for mapping the actual situation in a particular industry. The possibility to modify internal data as well as a detailed description of the jobs analysed have been of great benefit. Another advantage and a unique feature is that the data is analysed based on actual competencies as well as the professional approach of company representatives.We have used the outputs in negotiations with headquarters regarding remuneration of jobs at our subsidiary.

Dominika Hirtlová, CFO
Boiron SK, s.r.o.

We found the PayWell study very helpful in gaining relevant market remuneration benchmarks. It also enabled us to compare our business not only with firms in our sector in Slovakia, but in particular within our region, as we participated in a special survey focused on our industrial park and businesses in the nearby area. Thanks to the HR Controlling study, we gained a unique overview of HR in terms of figures and market benchmarks of individual HR indicators, which provided us with relevant information about how efficient our HR function actually is.

Zuzana Gajdošová, HR Manager
Kongsberg Automotive, s.r.o.

Using PayWell, we were able to obtain an accurate overview of remuneration in the marketplace, in our sector and in others. The special survey focused on manufacturing companies in our region and offered a very specific overview of remuneration and benefits for a limited sample of companies relevant to our business. Based on this comparison, we were able to evaluate our existing levels of remuneration and benefits and set up levels for new job positions.

Radoslav Šebeňa, HR Manager
Miba Steeltec, s.r.o.

Based on the results of the PayWell study, we were able to determine our position on the market. The specific sample undertaken with businesses in our industrial park and in the nearby region was very helpful as this remuneration data is the most relevant for us.

Jana Petrušová, HR Manager
Semecs s.r.o.

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