Employee satisfaction survey

Satisfied, motivated, and loyal employees are fundamental to the company’s competitiveness. Management often does not know the opinions of employees and underestimates the dependency between satisfaction and overall success on the market.

The objective of the project is to find out the extent and factors of employee satisfaction and loyalty, identify problematic areas, and propose steps for removing imperfections. An increase in satisfaction will result in higher productivity, higher quality of products or services, and more innovations. Satisfied employees give positive references about their employer, increasing its attractiveness for potential applicants, and strengthening its competitive position on the market.

The basic tool for collecting data is a standardized questionnaire. At the initial meeting, the current situation in the company is analysed – based on this analysis, the expected survey benefits are set.

A database of 200 internationally used questions divided into ten basic groups is available:
  • employee motivation and their attitude towards the company;
  • corporate culture, working atmosphere and environment, working tools and security;
  • processes, policies, and administration in the company;
  • employee benefits and remuneration;
  • management and relations within the company;
  • development and career pathing, work attractiveness;
  • brand perception and pride of the company’s brand, customer focus;
  • reasons for employee turnover;
  • factors hindering employee initiative; and
  • balance between the private and professional lives of employees.

PwC’s methodology for conducting satisfaction surveys ensures that findings from the survey are linked with the results from analysing the effectiveness of individual HR processes, which should lead to managing employee satisfaction and involvement.

The satisfaction survey will give an unbiased view of the company’s current problems and propose possible solutions. We provide the results of analyses on an ongoing basis and discuss mutual connections between individual results and priorities for further HR solutions. For each recommended improvement step, we submit a timetable for implementing individual steps and the respective responsibilities of the company’s management. Based on the survey results, PwC can provide comprehensive HR consulting services.

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