Do you want to know about the current situation on the remuneration market?

Would you like a tool that will assist you in human capital management? Are you interested in trends in personnel policy and strategy?

The interactive PayWell study – a tool for remuneration planning – gives a current overview of remuneration on the market, including information and trends relating to HR policy and strategy. We have mapped almost 500 job positions.

The survey outputs are an important tool for effective remuneration planning in companies striving to succeed in the competition for recruiting, retaining, and motivating high-quality staff. They are also helpful in reviewing your remuneration strategy (including the classification of job positions), preparing the staff costs budget, setting-up the salary structure and salary levels, identifying in-kind incentives, proposing solutions for tax optimization, and providing linkage between remuneration and staff performance evaluation.

What will you get?

The outputs of the PayWell survey are available online as well as on a CD ROM in both Slovak and English. The complete output contains:

  • JobPage – a clearly arranged analysis of wages and salaries for a given position on a single A4 sheet. It is a comprehensive overview of how individual job positions are remunerated;
  • Individual comparison – a tool allowing interactive comparison of salary information with market data and its modification, if needed;
  • Report on employee benefits – clearly arranged (as regards contents and graphics) analyses provide an overview of employee benefits offered on the Slovak market, by sector and job categories;
  • Individual comparison of offered benefits - comparison of the benefits package offered by your company with the market and sector;
  • Materials dealing with the current labour law;
  • Job position catalogues, together with job descriptions; and
  • Appendices – current trends in managing human capital.

What is your position compared to your competitors?

Compare yourself with other companies in your industry and find out which HR management indicators affect the financial performance of your company.

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