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PayWell and HR Controlling 2014

To take part in the remuneration study PayWell and benchmarking study HR Controlling you get a valuable tool that can assist you in a human capital management in your organisation. Companies participating in the HR Controlling study will be assessed in the third year of the Leading HR Organisation award.

If you are interested in the 2014 results, please contact Patrícia Šimak Badačová, tel.: +421 2 59350 297.

The area of human resources and individual processes in it are often considered difficult to measure. The HR Controlling study gives companies a tool for monitoring key HR indicators that affect their financial results.

HR Controlling (HR Benchmarking in the past) is a regular survey conducted by PwC that analyses key HR management indicators. It allows the link between the effectiveness of the HR management system, the company’s financial results, and its overall productivity to be monitored.

The survey is based on the international methodology of the PwC Saratoga Institute. The methodology provides an empirically proven model for measuring performance in HR management, which is used in over 35 countries around the world.

In the survey, we measure almost 100 indicators related to HR management, divided into several groups: organisation results, remuneration and employee benefits, behaviour in the organization, recruitment and selection, education and development, and organizational structure. In each group, companies may compare themselves within the given sector, and the entire Slovak sample, by company size, turnover growth, or individual job categories.

Outputs from the HR Controlling survey are available on a CD ROM in both Slovak and English. The complete output contains the following:

Final report
  • a full analysis of almost 100 key performance indicators;
  • a comparison with the market and the available sectors;
  • well-arranged diagrams and tables presenting quantitative and qualitative data; and
  • an overview of all indicators, including the method for how they were calculated.
HR Scorecard
  • may serve as a statement on managing human capital for the company’s top management; and
  • allows the company to compare the setting of its HR management system with market results.

HR Controlling sample outputs