HR Function Effectiveness

A frequent impulse for assessing the effectiveness of human resources and the structure of an HR department is an organizational change, when the company changes its managing structure (creating a holding, or splitting the company) or needs to adapt to changing conditions in the economic environment (coping with the impacts of the economic crisis).

The objective of the project is to identify short-term and long-term priorities for HR management, assess the current performance of the HR function, and set its efficient operation to ensure and support the achievement of the company’s objectives.

The PwC methodology has been developed to ensure that HR management in the company is comprehensively assessed and optimized to work effectively. It is comprised of six modules.

The project’s added value is the fact that the HR department and its goals are set in accordance with the company’s needs. The HR model (business partner, the generalist model, or outsourcing options) is always selected based on assessing the goals set for HR management, and in line with the company’s potential.

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