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PayWell and HR Controlling 2014 results

Actual outputs of the remuneration study PayWell and benchmarking study HR Controlling are already at your disposal. You can get a valuable tool that can assist you in a human capital management  in your organisation.

PayWell is a remuneration study with the largest sector-orientated database, which offers an up-to date overview of salaries and benefits in the Slovak market. The PayWell study is being introduced in Slovakia for the 22nd time this year.

HR Controlling – a strategic tool for the effective management of human capital. The study celebrates its 11th anniversary in Slovakia this year. HR Controlling enables the monitoring of the link between the effectiveness of the HRM system, a company’s financial results, and its overall productivity. Companies participating in the HR Controlling study are assessed in the Leading HR Organisation award.
If you are interested in the 2014 results, please contact Patrícia Šimak Badačová, tel.: +421 2 59350 297.

PwC is launching the third year of the Leading HR Organisation Awards

PwC is launching the third year of the Leading HR Organisation Awards, a project in which firms with the most effective HR management and HR best practice in the Slovak market are awarded.
The evaluation includes organisations that participate in the HR Controlling study. The Leading HR Organisation award is organised by PwC in co-operation with the Association for HR Management and Development with the media support of the weekly TREND magazine. Winners will be announced at the TREND HR Management conference on 7 – 8 October 2014 in Bratislava. Read more about the award and the 2013 winners.


leaders, surveyed in the Slovak CEO Survey 2014 by PwC and Forbes, stated that availability of key skills belongs to their top business threats.