Slovak Automotive Suppliers Survey 2015

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PwC in co-operation with the Automotive Industry Association of the SR (ZAP) and Slovak Automotive Institute conducted a survey among automotive suppliers in Slovakia. Our common goal was to compile a comprehensive analysis of the segment of automotive suppliers in Slovakia.

Suppliers' expectations of the growth of production and revenues for 2015 are higher than last year. The key to success of the automotive industry at its current size and successful performance will be the ability to transform its potential into sustainable development.

Key findings

  • 59 % - employ people leased from personnel agencies
  • 61 % - expect their revenues to grow this year
  • 47 % - of companies focused on cutting costs of material and energies in 2014
  • 57 % - are concerned about a slow growth of developed economies
  • 78 % - see a problem in the lack of skilled labour force
  • 48 % - are interested in getting involved in the dual educational system
  • 59 % - consider robotics the most strategic technology in the coming years
  • 33 % - carry out research and development activities in their plants

Download the final report from the Slovak Automotive Suppliers Survey 2015.