Selection process

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When reviewing application forms, we look for a balance between strong academic achievement and evidence of drive, initiative, problem-solving skills, maturity, a range of interests beyond your books and a commitment to a business career.

Assessment center

Our Assessment center is designed to allow candidates to explore and assess our culture and our people. These sessions will generally be conducted in groups. In addition to different written tests, you will undertake a number of activities that allow us to consider various criteria such as presentation, problem-solving and analytical skills, decision-making abilities and leadership. People who join us will need more than technical skills. Also crucial are a positive attitude, the ability to communicate well and to analyse information.


Successful candidates will have a second, more comprehensive interview with a manager or partner. At these interviews, your long-term ambitions, commitment and business orientation will be discussed.

Offer of employment

You will be given time to make your decision. During this period, we encourage you to speak to the managers, partners or staff you have met during the recruitment process to clarify any residual issues.

The whole process usually takes a couple of weeks.