2007 to 2013 Operational Programmes


The strategy, priorities and objectives of the support financed from the EU funds will be implemented through 9 operational programmes.

1. Operation programme research and innovation
2. Operational programme integrated infrastructure
3. Operational programme human resources
4. Operational programme quality of environment
5. Integrated regional operational programme
6. Operational programme effective public administration
7. Operational programme technical assistance
8. Rural Development Programme
9. Operation programme fisheries

At present, the following are the most significant for supporting the investments:

Operational programme “ Quality of environment ”

The environmental programme is focused on improving the environment and reasonable use of resources through improvement of environmental infrastructure in Slovakia in accordance with the EU and local regulations.

Operational programme “Research and innovation”

The purpose of this programme is upgrading and improving effectiveness of the system for the support of research and development, and improving the infrastructure of universities.

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