Newsletter - State aid and investment: Energy

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New call in support of the increase of energy effectiveness and the introduction of progressive technologies in energy

Date of declaration and expiration of the call
24 May 2013 – 22 August 2013

Specification of the call

  • Operational Programme: Competitiveness and economic growth
  • Priority Axis no. 2: Energy
  • Operational aim: 2.1: Increase of energy effectiveness in production and consumption and  introduction of progressive technologies in energetic (?)
  • Code of the call: KaHR-21SP-1301

Form of aid
Non-returnable grant

Source of funding
EU funds (85 %) and state budget (15 %)

Eligibility of the project site (region)
All Slovakia except  for the Bratislava region

Eligibility of applicant

  • private sector – natural or legal entities eligible to conduct business, registered in Slovakia at latest 1 January 2012
  • eligible are micro, small, medium-sized and large entities   
  • in the case of applicants which are large entities - companies cannot employ more than 1,000 employees and have  an annual turnover of more than EUR 50 million  

Eligible activities within the project

Eligibility of the project is defined by:

  • the eligible activities implemented within the project, as well as  
  • the particular business activity conducted by the applicant which must be considered as eligible  

Eligible activities:  

  1. reconstruction and modernisation of buildings in industry and services in order to decrease their energy effectiveness by:
    a. improving the  thermo insulation characteristics of the outer surface of the building;  
    b. reconstruction and modernisation of the heating systems, water heating systems and air conditioning;
    c. reconstruction and modernisation of the lighting systems
  2. reconstruction and modernisation of the existing energy facilities in order to increase their energy effectiveness;
  3. reconstruction and modernisation of the compressed air production and distribution;
  4. introduction of measuring and controlling systems in the field of energy production and consumption in order to decrease consumption; the above does not include the purchase of manufacturing technologies with higher energy effectiveness;
  5. construction, modernisation and reconstruction of:  
    a. energy distribution systems;
    b. outer lighting systems of industrial areas   
  6. construction, modernisation and reconstruction of facilities for highly effective combined production of electricity and heat;
  7. reconstruction and modernisation of existing energy facilities using fossil fuels with  a maximum installed heat output of 50 MWt to facilities using biomass
    a. for the purpose of heat generation;
    b. in combined production using the ORC technology (organic Rankin cycle)
  8. use of renewable energy sources, i.e. construction of:
    a. facilities for the production of biomethane;
    b. facilities for the use of aero thermal, hydrothermal or geothermal energy with the use of heat pumps;
    c. facilities for the use of geothermal energy directly using geothermal energy for heat or electricity generation, or  in combination with the heat pump; including construction, modernisation and reconstruction of the heat distribution systems;
    d. facilities for the production and use of biogas, gas from the thermo chemical gasification of biomass, landfill gas and gas from water treatment facilities
    Several activities can be implemented within one investment project

The maximum aid intensity (expressed as % of eligible project costs):   

Size of enterprise   Region NUTS II
Western Slovakia (excluding the Bratislava region) Central and Eastern Slovakia
Large enterprise 40% 50%
Medium-sized enterprise 45% 55%
Small and micro enterprise   50% 60%

Maximum and minimum aid amount

  • The volume of aid cannot be less than EUR 60,000
  • The maximum volume of aid cannot exceed EUR 2,500,000 and has to comply with the above aid intensities  

Total eligible costs of the project cannot exceed:
EUR 25 million

Indicative amount allocated for this call
EUR 21,200,000