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New call in support of job creation (de minimis scheme)

Period in which the call is effective:

11 September 2013 – December 2014

Specification of the call:

Caller: Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs, and Family of the Slovak Republic
The call’s code: No.: 1/2013/ XXI/A/ § 54

Aid form:

Non-returnable subsidy

Source for funding:

The European Social Fund and the Slovak national budget

This call increases the funds for the creation of new jobs, and also amends certain conditions of the original call which is open until October 2013.

The call’s objective:

The call is aimed at providing opportunities in economic sectors to young unemployed people not older than 29, hired for full-time employment, who have been registered with the Labour office as job seekers for at least one month.

Eligible activities:

  • industry and services, including truck transport or other passenger transport.

The call does not apply to some specific sectors and activities such as fishing and aquaculture, processing and distribution of agricultural products, or activities related to the export of goods.

Characteristics of a created job to be supported:

Full-time employment:

  • for a definite period of time of no less than 18 months, or
  • for an indefinite period of time with the condition of employment for at least 18 months.

The mandatory duration of this job is no less than 18 months, with financial support provided for 12 months, and the employer must retain the job for the subsequent 6 months.

When assessing applications, the applications which will be accounted for and given preferential treatment will be those that declare creation of a job for a longer period than the minimum one specified; applications declaring new jobs for an indefinite period of time will be preferred. Creation of a job by an employer means increasing the number of jobs in a way that results in an increase of the total average number of the employer’s staff for 12 calendar months when compared to the same preceding period.

Eligible applicants:

  • individuals – entrepreneurs;
  • legal entities – micro, small, medium-sized, and large businesses; and
  • non-profit organisations rendering services beneficial to the public, civil associations, etc., provided they perform their activities in order to make profit.

Amount of the subsidy:

The maximum subsidy per created job and per month must not exceed the total minimum labour costs for 2013, i.e. EUR 456.54.

The subsidy is granted in the form of reimbursements on a monthly basis for a period of 12 months.

The maximum total subsidy per applicant is EUR 200,000 (EUR 100,000 for an applicant operating in the truck transport business) during three fiscal years.

Financial allocation: EUR 11,622,616.50

Eligible territory:

  • the entire Slovak Republic except for the Bratislava region.