Newsletter - State aid and investment: Modernisation of farms

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Measure 1.1. Modernisation of farms  

Indicative allocation for the call: 15,000,000 EUR (can be subject to change in relation to the end of the programming period).

Eligible applicants: natural persons and legal entities active in agricultural production.

Volume of eligible costs: minimum EUR 3,000 and maximum EUR 1,500,000.

Maximum aid intensity (expressed as the share of eligible costs):

50% in disadvantaged areas   
40% in other areas.

Supported sectors: the call especially targets projects in plant production, i.e. those where at least 60% of eligible costs are spent in the production of fruit and vegetables, viticulture, medicinal plants, potatoes and other plant production.

Supported activities: all activities and investments that improve the overall performance of the company and are in line with the aim of the measure, applicable EU legislation and the requirements of the protection of the environment, i.e.:  

  • construction, reconstruction and modernisation of objects of plant production, stockbreeding objects, mechanisation and other objects;
  • purchase and modernisation of technologies used in plant production, stockbreeding objects, mechanisation and other objects;
  • introduction of fast growing trees.  

Eligible costs:

  • non-current tangible assets
  • non-current intangible assets.

The call is open from 11 August 2014 to 22 August 2014.