Innovations in Industry

New call in support of the improvement of technology at companies and the increase of competitiveness by the implementation of innovative activities

Date of declaration and expiration of the call: 26 February 2016

The call will remain open until the allocation is spent.

Indicative allocation of funds for this call: EUR 75,000,000  

Specification of the call

  • Operational Programme: Research and Innovation
  • Priority Axis No. 1: Support of R&D and innovation
  • Measure 1.2: Support for investment in research and innovation and creation of links and synergies between companies, R&D centres and universities   
  • Specific aim: 1.2.2: Increase of R&D and innovation activities in industry and services
  • Call Code: OPVaI-MH/DP/2016/1.2.2.-01

Form of aid: Non-repayable grant

Funding source: EU funds (85 %) and state budget (15 %)

Eligibility of the project site (region): All of Slovakia except for the Bratislava region

Eligibility of applicant

  • private sector – natural or legal entities eligible to conduct business, registered in Slovakia at least 36 month prior to the filing of the grant application that have not interrupted the operation of their business activities within the last 36 months
  • micro-entities, SMEs and large entities are eligible

Eligible activities within the project

The applicant may only include as eligible costs that meet all the eligibility criteria as regards costs with regard to the content, volume, category, timing, relation to the project, etc.

An eligible activity of project realization is the acquisition of non-current tangible or intangible assets with the goal of implementing at least one of the following innovation categories:

  • product innovation,
  • process innovation,
  • organisational innovation

Organizational innovation must include a combination of product and process innovation. 

The following must be part of a project:

  • documentation of the innovation significance depending on the above type of innovation;
  • documentation that the innovation is not an established modification of technology processes;
  • (if relevant) documentation that the project will contribute to the elimination of a technology gap in Slovakia;
  • (if relevant) documentation that the project transfers an R&D institution based technology.  

Eligible costs

01 – Non-current intangible assets

  • 013 – Software
  • 014 – Valuable rights
  • 019 – Other non-current intangible assets

02 – Non-current tangible assets

  • 022 – Individual movable assets and sets of movable assets

The following assets are non-eligible:

  • acquisition costs for land, real estate and its reconstruction
  • expenditure on construction of new facilities and construction work
  • expenditures on acquisition of vehicles and transport equipment
  • acquisition costs of used tangible assets or technically improved assets

The maximum aid intensity (expressed as % of eligible project costs):   

Size of enterprise 

Region NUTS II

Western Slovakia (excluding the Bratislava region)

Central and Eastern Slovakia

Large enterprise



Medium-sized enterprise



Small and micro enterprise 



 Maximum and minimum aid amount

  • The volume of aid may not be less than EUR 50,000
  • The maximum volume of aid may not exceed EUR 5 000,000 and must comply with the above aid intensities