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New call in support of further education in industry (de minimis scheme)

Period in which the call is effective:

27 August 2013 – 28 October 2013

Specification of the call:

Caller: Agency of the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sports for EU structural funds
The call’s code: OPV-2013/2.1/04-SORO

Aid form:

Non-returnable subsidy

Source for funding:

The European Social Fund and the Slovak national budget

The call’s objective is to foster the increase in quality of further learning with the focus on key competencies, together with the extension and improvement of employee competencies.

The call is aimed at:

  • creating, innovating, and executing educational programmes which deepen or extend the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of employees in the national economy in order to increase their qualifications and the engagement of employers in informal educational programmes;
  • developing systems and strategies for long-life learning in businesses; professional training and services for employees to improve their adaptability to change; supporting innovations and doing business.

Eligible applicants:

  • micro, small, and medium-sized businesses;
  • large businesses.

Together with the application for a subsidy, each applicant must also submit a document proving co-operation between the applicant as an educational institution and an employer of an economically active Slovak population in the respective economic sector.

The applicant’s core business activities must include educational activities or, when submitting the application for a subsidy, the applicant must already perform accredited educational activities.

Eligible costs include mainly:

  • expenses for the managing, the administrative and the professional staff;
  • rental for administrative premises;
  • training material and equipment for performing project activities;
  • acquisition of technical equipment and teaching aids; and
  • fees for doing an exam, obtaining a certificate, etc.

Amount of a non-returnable subsidy:

Financial allocation for the call: EUR 2,000,000
Minimum amount of a subsidy: EUR 50,000
Maximum amount of a subsidy: EUR 200,000

A non-returnable subsidy is granted in the form of reimbursements based on submitted accounting documents showing the actual amount of eligible costs.

The maximum aid intensity must not exceed 95% of the total eligible costs, i.e. co-financing on the part of the applicant accounts for at least 5% of the total eligible costs.

Eligible territory:

  • the entire Slovak Republic except for the Bratislava region;
  • the decisive factor is the place where the project is realized, not the applicant’s seat.