Tax Services

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Business success is never achieved in the same way in two different places. To gain a commercial edge globally, a business must replicate its local success over and over again in various environments - each with its own sensitivities and characteristics tailored to specific goals and conditions. That is why local knowledge and capability is so important. And it is why we focus on understanding national linguistic, regulatory and cultural differences, and on adapting our services to our clients´ local customs and styles of working.

With a well established presence in the Slovak market and an expert team staffed by qualified Slovak and expatriate professionals, we are able to assist you with the best advice to minimise both the indirect and direct tax costs to your business while ensuring that you comply with local legal requirements.

We have a great deal of experience helping firms identify and assess tax risk and minimise their tax liability. We can help you formulate effective strategies to optimise taxes, implement innovative tax planning ideas, and maintain compliance.