Corporate Tax

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Reducing cost and managing risk is fundamental to shareholder value. We assist you in the process by advising you on all corporate and local business tax issues. This includes advice on structuring investments in the Slovak Republic and on claiming inward investment incentives. We perform tax due diligence, transfer-pricing reviews, and internal tax reviews. We can also advise you on restructuring companies, especially post-acquisition transformations.

Corporate tax compliance services

Key Services

  • Preparation and submission of tax returns
  • Review of tax compliance and administration procedures
  • Assistance with negotiations with the Slovak tax authorities; assistance with tax authority control visits.

Finance and treasury

Key Services

  • Advice on financing and treasury management operations including cash-pool arrangements
  • Tax planning strategies to reduce tax exposures on financing costs
  • Analysis of the tax implications of investing in bonds and other instruments
  • Analysis of the tax implications of hedging transactions
  • Advice on the correct tax and accounting treatment of foreign exchange gains and losses
  • Design of a tax-efficient capital structure
  • Advice on leasing policies and transactions.

Tax planning and restructuring

Key Services

  • Advice on designing and implementing international and Slovak tax planning and optimisation strategies
  • Advice and assistance on the benefits and procedures of restructuring
  • Advice on the application and interpretation of international tax law
  • A comprehensive review of existing contracts and other arrangements for tax efficiency
  • Advice on effective tax strategies for licenses, software, and other intellectual property


WYKO Industrial Services Ltd
Andrew Gerrish
, Operations Project Manager
Chris Storer, International Financial Controller

"WYKO Industrial Services, the leading UK industrial distribution company in the maintenance, repair and overhaul market, established its first branch in CEE in May 2006. This was a new venture for the company, and was effectively a “green field” operation rather than a joint venture or acquisition.

PwC are WYKO’s UK auditors and initial contact was made with the PwC Bratislava office in October 2005 during a preliminary investigative visit to Slovakia.
PwC were immediately able to understand and appreciate the potential difficulties of a UK company setting up in Slovakia, not least the language challenges.
Their network of contacts in many different areas proved invaluable – banks, payroll/accounting services, property agents, car lease companies etc.

PwC provided specific assistance in the following areas:

  • Company registration – establishing a limited liability company, WYKO s.r.o., which included incorporation and trade licences
  • Tax – corporate tax registration and VAT registration
  • Employment law – the adapting and translation of UK employment contracts to comply with Slovakian employment law

All advice and correspondence was easy to understand and very comprehensive, and all PwC staff were extremely helpful and pleasant, and were of huge assistance. Any queries were dealt with efficiently and promptly, and the overall standard of service was excellent."

Tube City IMS Corporation
Thomas E. Lippard
, Vice President and General Counsel

"We are pleased to highly recommend PwC Slovakia for audit, tax and consulting services in Slovakia and as a liason to their other offices throughout Europe. We have worked with PwC Slovakia since 1999 in structuring a limited liability company subsidiary and in all audit, tax, accounting and employement issues related to the ongoing business of the subsidiary. The PwC Slovakia team, led by Zuzana Valerová, is extremely capable, responsive and creative and has been invaluable to us in operating in Eastern Europe and the EU."