Global Compliance Services

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Our Slovak Compliance Services can offer you professional accounting, payroll and tax compliance services to meet your governance and regulatory obligations in Slovakia. This is a crucial field, in which failure represents not only a financial risk including financial and tax penalties and other sanctions, but also a serious business risk, as it can damage a company’s reputation with the authorities and the public.

Your situation

  • You want improved control of your compliance issues, risks and opportunities
  • You have limited in-house tax/compliance financial administration resource, or want to free up an in-house resource to focus on higher value-adding activity
  • You have a complex compliance requirement
  • You need to comply with a growing, and more visible, regulatory burden

How we can help you

We can help you manage your Slovak compliance issues, risks and opportunities, giving you a fully integrated service as you require.

Our unrivalled breadth and depth of resources means that we can provide you with a single point of contract, an experienced team to help you keep on top of your compliance obligations.

In addition, as part of a cross-border service, we can offer you the Global Compliance Services Worldview platform; an IT system to keep you informed of your current status, your country and compliance profile.

Our Services

  • Accounting compliance – including bookkeeping and preparing statutory financial statements
  • Payroll compliance – including gross to net calculations, employer registrations and joiners’ and leavers’ administration
  • Indirect tax compliance – preparing VAT returns and registers
  • Corporate income tax compliance – preparing corporate income tax returns, annual and periodic payment on account returns, tax provisioning and tax accounting
  • Corporate secretarial services – including statutory compliance and filing requirements