Cities of Opportunity: The urban rhythm of entertainment and media

Urbanism and the entertainment and media industry share a natural connection. The cultural, technological and communications heart of the modern world is driven from cities and by cities. This makes perfect sense in a technological world where over half of us (53.4%) live in cities today and over two-thirds will do so by mid-century (67.2%), according to the United Nations.

The urban significance of the industry is underscored by its size: In our 30 cities alone, we estimate spending in 2018 at $184 billion, a 4.5% 5-year CAGR and employment at 6.3 million, a 16% increase.

What is the connection between the entertainment and media industry and today’s powerful global tide of urbanization? What does it mean economically for businesses making distribution and expansion decisions? Find out more in our report by clicking this link.

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