Thought Leadership

12 January 2015

A new chapter in Singapore's transfer pricing regime

On 6 January 2015, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) released revised Transfer Pricing Guidelines (Guidelines), an update to those first published in February 2006.


5 June 2014

Fair Consideration Framework: How will the new advertising requirement affect your business?

The aim of the Fair Consideration Framework is to encourage business in Singapore to consider Singaporeans for professional, managerial and executive (PME) jobs fairly, and the requirement to advertise such positions will become mandatory from the 1 August 2014.

By Rekha Husbands, Manager, PwC International Assignment Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd 


3 April 2014

Investors & Fund Managers - More bang for your buck?

The Singapore Budget this year introduced some tax changes that will potentially benefit investors in Singapore unit trusts.


1 February 2013

Fund managers' wishlist for Budget

While the global economic outlook continues to be uncertain, many analysts agree that most of Asia should enjoy relatively higher growth in 2013. Given the strong investment interest, the asset management industry in the region is poised for further growth in the coming years.


10 January 2013

Budget wish list 2013

Our wishlist for the 2013 Budget is focussed on addressing the issues of the need for access to financing, increasing productivity and innovation and local companies expanding overseas.


17 October 2012

Paying for social spending with higher GST

In his National Day Rally speech on Aug 26, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke about the need for taxes to rise “sooner or later” with social spending expected to increase significantly. While he did not say which particular tax he thinks would go up, a look at the tax collection trend here over the last decade may give us a clue.
By Koh Soo How, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP


10 September 2012

FATCA and your company

Most of the outcry over the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), the United States’ extraterritorial anti-tax evasion law, has been from the financial services sector. And this stands to reason: FATCA will greatly impact banks and other financial institutions.
By Michael Brevetta, Associate Director and Jessie Chew, Senior Associate, PwC Services LLP


7 September 2012

Keeping it all in the family

The family office concept is not widely known in Asia but is gaining in popularity among those with significant assets as its advantages become more widely known. Indeed, regarded as Asia's premier wealth management centre, Singapore is the jurisdiction of choice for many looking to establish their family office.
By Anuj Kagalwala, Tax Partner and Amit Hindocha, Senior Manager, PwC Services LLP


30 July 2012

Beneficial ownership – a looming disaster?

There is a lot going on in the corporate tax world at the moment, both domestically (almost wherever you are) and internationally.
By Gavin Helmer, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP


27 July 2012

Capital gains and the insurance industry

Why are insurers excluded from the “certainty of non-taxation” rule?
By Yip Yoke Har, Tax Partner and Janine Kwan, Tax Manager at PwC Services LLP


17 July 2012

Investing in Software Research & Development

Talk to anyone about research and development (R&D) and you can’t help but conjure up images of scientists in white lab coats conducting experiments in laboratories, or IT-savvy geeks tinkering away in their bedrooms trying to develop the latest app.
By Elaine Ng, Tax Partner and Amit Hindocha, Senior Manager at PwC Services LLP

Wooing MNCs to set up holding firms in S'pore

HK-Jakarta double taxation treaty shows many cities are narrowing gap with the Republic
By Lim Hwee Seng, Tax Partner at PwC Services LLP


11 July 2012

Testing the Waters with a Representative Office

After setting up a Representative Office, a foreign company has 3 years to decide if it wants a permanent presence here.
By David Ong, Tax Director and Ailbhe Horgan, Senior Manager at PwC Services LLP, Company Fiduciary & Administration Services