Research & Development

Did you know that

  • Improvements in business processes can be considered R&D?
  • R&D activities carried out offshore can qualify for enhanced tax deductions in Singapore?
  • Up to 400% tax deductions can be claimed for R&D costs?

Some companies carry out certain activities without realising that the costs incurred for those activities can qualify for R&D tax concessions and grants or subsidies.

How PwC can help you

PwC’s dedicated R&D team can help you:

  • analyse and maximise your R&D claims by identifying the R&D activities and underlying expenses which may qualify for enhanced tax deductions in Singapore;
  • conduct R&D workshops for your employees;
  • prepare supporting documentation to strengthen the basis of your R&D claim and increase the chances of success in the event of a dispute; and
  • negotiate with the relevant authorities for R&D incentives, grants or subsidies in Singapore.

An opportunity for tax savings

We can also help you plan where to house your R&D capabilities based on the tax treaties and R&D tax concessions available in different jurisdictions to maximise tax efficiency.

Download further information on how PwC's R&D team can help maximise your R&D tax savings.

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Global research & development incentives

The important role innovative companies play in their national economies has led to the enactment of grant programmes and tax incentives to encourage additional research investments by businesses. To encourage research and innovation, many jurisdictions around the globe provide research incentives in the form of tax credits, “super” deductions, or cash grants. Learn more