PwC Asset Management Event - Pre-Budget 2013 Tax Wishlist and Transfer Pricing Updates

In response to feedback provided by the asset management industry and ourselves, we have seen, in Budget 2012, enhancement to the different tax incentive schemes available to the asset management industry. If you recall, this includes the adoption of an exclusion list for "specified income" and expansion of the "designated investments" definition.

It has come to this time of the year when we share our proposed enhancements to Singapore's tax incentives for fund management and gather feedback on the tax wishlist for Budget 2013. We would like to take this opportunity, on 11 December 2012, to share the proposed changes that we have suggested, as well as invite you to share your thoughts on other tax issues faced by the asset management industry and some of the improvements that you would also like to see.

At the same time, we also provide an overview of the developments in transfer pricing affecting the asset management industry, including OECD developments, carry, intangibles, and business restructuring.

For more information about  this passed event, kindly download the presentation material. Please contact Anuj Kagalwala Avinash or Tan Hui Cheng if you have further queries.