Thought Leadership - Singapore Budget 2014

28 February 2014

Singapore Budget 2014 – journey continues for social and economic transformation

The Finance Minister presented Budget 2014 in Parliament on Friday 21 February and unveiled a number of economic and social measures.

By Abhijit Ghosh, Tax Partner and India Desk leader and Prapti Acharya, Senior Manager International tax at PwC Singapore


27 February 2014

FinTech - finance meets technology

It makes perfect sense to support FinTech in Singapore, an established finance centre at the forefront of technology.

By Tan Ching Ne, Tax Partner (with a focus on R&D) and Jonathan Ragsdale, Senior Corporate Tax Manager, PwC Singapore


25 February 2014

Budget '14: Tackling the twin challenges

One word stuck in my mind after listening to Budget 2014, announced by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam: For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and local businesses, it was a refrain of productivity, productivity and more productivity.

By Paul Lau, Tax Partner and Loh Eng Kiat, Senior Corporate Tax Manager, PwC Singapore


22 February 2014

The productivity ball is now in the SMEs' court

The need to transform its economy coupled with having to cope with changing social demographics means that Singapore as a nation has crossed an inflection point, when it has to embark on new directions in its strategy for sustainable growth

By Lennon Lee, Tax Partner, PwC Singapore


20 February 2014

Incentives for S'pore in the global battle for talent

SINGAPORE has weathered the economic storm in recent years relatively well, which means that fewer of the country's highly-skilled homegrown talent have felt the urge to move overseas in order to advance their careers.

By Margaret Duong, Partner, Girish Naik, Director and Mark Amatya, Senior Manager, PwC International Assignment Services


11 February 2014

What the Beps are we talking about?

Well, it's got to do with the elevated stature of tax risk in today's business climate

By Paul Lau, Tax Partner and Loh Eng Kiat, Senior Corporate Tax Manager, PwC Singapore


5 February 2014

Certainty - the holy grail of taxation

It is often said that nothing is certain but death and taxes. Ironically, the converse may not be true - when it comes to taxation, it is not always that certain.

By Yip Yoke Har, Tax Partner and Goh Chiew Mei, Senior Corporate Tax Manager, PwC Singapore


30 January 2014

Remote Care – a way to deliver healthcare with bed capacity constraints

Singapore is recognised globally as an advanced nation in terms of its healthcare support and delivery system. As a country, we attract many high net worth individuals from the region to access our healthcare system for health enhancements and disease treatments.

By Abhijit Ghosh, Tax Partner and Ajay K Sanganeria, Tax Director, PwC Singapore


25 January 2014

The Singapore fund – making it a preferred option

What are the factors contributing to Singapore’s position as a preferred location for setting up fund management operations in Asia and consider possible changes in tax regime aimed at creating more opportunities for the asset management industry in Singapore?

By Tan Hui Cheng, Tax Partner and Maria Shaftan, Tax Manager, PwC Singapore


23 January 2014

Simplifying tax rules for smaller business

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will increasingly play a fundamental role in developing Singapore's economic fabric. It is expected that they will continue to create a strong platform for fostering entrepreneurial culture, which will be the basis for future growth, innovation and prosperity.

By Abhijit Ghosh, Tax Partner and Florence Loh, Senior Corporate Tax Manager, PwC Singapore


23 January 2014

Taxing times for millionaires

Who is a high-net-worth individual? Going by the definition of Capgemini and RBC’s joint publication, the World Wealth Report 2013, a high-net-worth individual is someone with investable assets of US$1 million (S$1.28 million) or more (excluding his principal residence, collectibles, consumables and consumer durables).

By Abhijit Ghosh, Tax Partner and Leng Harn Szuan, Senior Corporate Tax Manager, PwC Singapore