Thought Leadership - Singapore Budget 2013

26 February 2013

The message for businesses

Although the tightening of foreign worker supply has stoked a buzz in recent weeks, one should not read these measures as being xenophobic. Rather, as the Finance Minister put it, the key emphasis is on reducing reliance on manpower — as opposed to merely replacing foreign workers with locals — in order to “catch up from a decade of slow productivity growth”.

By David Sandison, Tax Partner and Loh Eng Kiat, Tax Senior Manager, PwC Services LLP


26 February 2013

Walking on the high wire

The Budget had to do a balancing act (and an aerial one at that, given how high the stakes are) between political and economic expediency.

By David Sandison, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP


20 February 2013

What Singapore must do to be a premier investment fund centre

Over the past decade, Southeast Asia has become an area of interest for many investment houses. The widening of the middle income class, outstanding talent and abundant natural resources have contributed to this growth.

By Justin Ong, Partner and Armin Choksey, Senior Manager of Financial Services Industry Practice, PwC LLP


16 February 2013

On the budget, off the cuff

A tongue-in-cheek look at the upcoming Budget

By David Sandison, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP


15 February 2013

Opportunities await savvy investors

While many analysts expect private home prices to take a hit from the new curbs, the measures could have effects that go beyond their original intent.

By Teo Wee Hwee, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP


8 February 2013

Need to tweak policies on productivity and workforce

A response to Business Times editorial on productivity and workforce

By Abhijit Ghosh, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP


8 February 2013

No longer a question of paying taxes

It is no longer a question of paying taxes; there are other factors to consider such as CSR, public relations, social media, etc

By Gavin Helmer, Tax Partner, PwC Services LLP


7 February 2013

Iskandar a nearshore advantage?

The Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in Johor, Malaysia is three times the size of Singapore and can be considered an appropriate destination for Singapore companies which are seeking to expand their businesses in a location which offers lower land prices and a cheaper talent pool. S'pore investors should first validate their cost structure and evaluate issues such as security, staff availability and wages.

By Abhijit Ghosh, Tax Partner, and Celestine Thong, Senior Manager, PwC Services LLP


4 February 2013

Consider tax relief for population woes

With increasing life expectancy as well as low fertility rates, Singapore is faced with two key imbalances in its population: It is getting older and, due to low fertility rates, it will have fewer younger people to support this ageing population.

By Abhijit Ghosh, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Leader and Ajay K Sanganeria, Senior Tax Manager, PwC Services LLP


2 February 2013

Managing immigration: What S’pore can learn from others

At the announcement of the White Paper on population, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said the Government hopes to strike the “appropriate balance”. This balance is key.

By Ling Tok Hong, Partner and Singapore Strategy Leader, PwC LLP


1 February 2013

Fund managers' wishlist for Budget

While the global economic outlook continues to be uncertain, many analysts agree that most of Asia should enjoy relatively higher growth in 2013. Given the strong investment interest, the asset management industry in the region is poised for further growth in the coming years.

By Anuj Kagalwala, Tax Partner and Tan Hui Cheng, Tax Director, PwC Services LLP