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The Indian business environment is dynamic and filled with abundant opportunities. As India marches from a developing nation to an economic powerhouse, its tax and regulatory frameworks is constantly evolving to guide the economy forward. In such a dynamic yet complex environment, it is not surprising that the prospect of doing business in India can be as daunting as it is exciting.

Meeting Your Needs

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has a dedicated India Desk in Singapore to provide a comprehensive suite of services for Singapore-based companies evaluating the India option or for those who already have a presence in India. We also assist Indian companies which seek to enhance their presence in South East Asia

The India Desk has a team of Indian investment specialists who have hands-on experience in India and expert knowledge of the Singapore business/regulatory environment.

Together with the support from the strong network of PwC firms in India, the India Desk is well equipped to deliver optimal solutions to clients through:

  • Capitalising on opportunities to help maximise the value from transactions, identifying targets and investment opportunities/partners, undertaking fund-raising activities and assisting in completing transactions
  • Effectively managing the commercial uncertainties associated with any transaction, as well as helping control tax and regulatory costs of doing business in India and optimising tax structures to ensure efficiency
  • Addressing clients’ business and investment needs both in Singapore and India, and facilitating as the single point-of-contact for a broad-ranging solutions across both countries




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Future of India: The Winning Leap

Breaking new ground by deploying solutions for rapid, sustainable and resource-efficient growth

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India - A perspective on Investor's Sentiment and Tax Climate

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