What does the PwC People experience mean to you?

The People experience distinguishes PwC from any other employer or firm.

To find out more on how the People experience enriches the career of each one of our staff, please click on each of the behaviours below.

Invest in teams

At PwC, we see the value in working in teams. The benefits derived from the interactions and team work between staff accelerates the growth and learning for everyone.

Be it at work or beyond the workplace, PwC strives to encourage team work and team bonding in all aspects of an employee’s career within the firm.

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Mentorship and guidance throughout your career

In PwC there are 2 types of mentorships. Coupled with our comprehensive coaching tools and methodology (under Focusing on enhancing the value of our people), we believe that you will be well taken care of during your journey with PwC.

Cross functional and multicultural teams

PwC is a diverse firm with staff of different backgrounds and competencies. There will be complex engagements which would require multicultural teams consisting of different competencies.

In these teams, you will be able to gain further insights into the various departments and industries and also immerse yourself with friends from different cultures and nationalities.

Various departments in PwC


Sporting activities

PwC is a strong supporter for an active lifestyle for all of our employees.

Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) games

We compete in the coveted ISCA games which consists of different accounting firms competing in various team sports. The PwC sporting contingent is made up of members from all departments and is a great way to feature the esprit de corps and camaraderie within the firm.

Intra-firm games

There are periodically intra-firm games and other activities which help promote team bonding within and between departments.


Other social activities

There are numerous social activities which brings the departments together to connect and interact with one another. These activities happen throughout the year and are widely participated by all our employees. Examples of such activities would include:

  • Annual Dinner and Dance
  • PwC Experience Week
  • Department outings
  • Social Community Projects



Share and collaborate

PwC is a network of firms in 158 countries with more than 180,000 people. We aim to share this wealth of knowledge with all of the employees working with us.

We constantly collaborate with other PwC firms for client engagements. Overseas projects or secondments are always available options when you work with us.

Our mobility programmes would include:

  • Overseas secondment
  • Overseas chartered accountant professional qualification programme
  • Overseas working opportunities
  • Inter department secondments and transfers
  • Client secondments


Put ourselves in each other’s shoes

People talent is our greatest asset and it is our key priority to ensure they have a rewarding career with PwC.

In PwC, one of our key behaviors is basically treating others the way which we would want to be treated. We have activities which help us show our appreciation to our staff for their valued efforts.

Focus on enhancing the value of our people

Similar to our clients, PwC aims to provide the value which our employees want and deserve. The value which we provide extends beyond our clients and employees but also the society.

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Coaching and Mentorship in the firm

Coaching, mentorship and career development are highly regarded by the employee of today.

At PwC, you are our greatest asset and we look to groom and develop each one of our staff to their greatest potential. We have in place a comprehensive Coaching system which is tailored to each individual staff to bring out the best in them.


Learning and Development in the firm

Learning and development is a crucial and important element of our employee’s progression in both the firm and also in their personal development.

PwC has elaborate training programmes and syllabuses to help equip our staff with the relevant and required knowledge for them to handle the required tasks at hand.

External Qualification Courses

We encourage our staff to further develop their skills and knowledge by taking up external qualification courses. We sponsor approved qualification courses and offer study leave for staff who are undergoing these qualification trainings.

From 2013, PwC will support* staff who are undertaking the Singapore Qualification Programme

* Support would include registration fee, annual candidate fee, programme fees, study and exam leave, dedicated mentor and support groups.


Community Involvement Projects

Everyone has a responsibility to the community which they belong to and in PwC we seek to positively contribute back to the society which we are a part of.

We have numerous community involvement projects which are both local and overseas and all of our staff are encouraged to embark on these rewarding journeys.