PwC Establishes Growth Markets Centre in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 25 April 2014 - PwC has established the Growth Markets Centre (GMC) in Singapore, focused on helping companies successfully enter and expand profitably in emerging economies.

The GMC, comprises of experienced Growth Markets’ experts from across PwC’s network, dedicated to ensuring that companies receive the full benefit of PwC’s global expertise to assist them in growing profitably in developing economies ranging from Myanmar and Indonesia to those more establish such as China, India and Brazil.

“The shift in the balance of economic power from developed to developing economies has driven companies of all sizes to consider the growth markets as sources of revenue and profits, and no longer just as sourcing centres,” says Phil O’Prey, PwC’s Global Advisory Clients & Markets Leader.

“Success in these new complex markets requires different approaches to what has worked in the developed markets.”

Acknowledging this, PwC’s Growth Markets Centre will help companies address the key issues they face in developing the appropriate strategies and business models to achieve profitable growth in these new complex markets. This includes defining locally relevant strategies for a new type of value conscious consumer, developing the most appropriate business models and organisational structures for a local market and advising on the local political and economic landscape.

Commenting on the move, Assistant Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board, Mr Kelvin Wong shared, “The GMC is a strong vote of confidence in Singapore’s position as a knowledge and insights hub for emerging markets.”

David Wijeratne, the GMC’s lead, emphasised that, “The GMC will bring the best of what PwC has from across its global network to help companies realise their Growth Markets’ ambitions.”


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