PwC's Academy

Customised Programmes

All of the courses offered as public seminars can be run in-house. This can be more cost effective for businesses when a number of participants needing training. It also enables some customisation of course material. Please contact us for further details.

The following workshops are conducted regularly for public seminars and/or our clients:

Accounting and Finance Series

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals Workshop leader: Tony Moore

Navigating through the Accounting and Treasury Landscape Workshop leaders: Kok Moi Lre and Chen Voon Hoe

Understanding Deferred Tax Workshop leader: Tan Shu Hong

Understanding Cash Flow Statements Workshop leader: Tan Shu Hong

Asset Management Series

Consolidation for Asset Managers Workshop leaders: Senthilnathan Sampath and Armin Choksey

IFRS Essentials for investment funds Workshop leaders: Senthilnathan Sampath and Armin Choksey

Business Management Series

Change Management Workshop leader: Martijn Schouten

Customs & International Trade: Workshop leader: Gregory Nichols

Work Process Re-design Workshop leader: Bilal Abdallah

Achieving Customer Excellence Workshop leader: Michiel van Selm

Improving your Digital Customer Experience Workshop leader: Michiel van Selm

Internal Audit Series

Getting Started: Workshop Leader: Aaron Oxborough

Internal Auditing

IT Auditing

Audit Excellence: Workshop Leader: Aaron Oxborough

Impactful Auditing

Auditing for Efficiencies

Audit Leadership: Workshop Leader: Aaron Oxborough

Audit Influence and Negotiation

Developing Expertise: Workshop Leader: Aaron Oxborough

Fraud Risk for Auditors

Insurance Series

Regulatory outlook – Recent & future developments in the insurance sector Workshop leader: Ang Sock Sun

Actuarial - Valuing an insurance business Workshop leader: Lim Siang Thnia

Financial Reporting - IFRS 4 Phase II Insurance Contracts Workshop leaders: Lim Siang Thnia and Senthilnathan Sampath

Financial Reporting - FRS Essentials for Insurance Companies Workshop leaders: Ang Sock Sun and Senthilnathan Sampath

GST for Insurance Workshop leaders: Koh Soo How and Seow Seok Hong

Leadership and People Management Series

Behavioural Preference Workshop leader: Martijn Schouten

Business Partnering Workshop leader: Martijn Schouten

Think on your Feet ® for Finance Professionals Workshop leader: Roshini Ganesan

The Case Maker™ for Finance Professionals Workshop leader: Sharmini Suthan

Developing Effective Negotiation Skills

Risk & Control Series

Enterprise Risk Management Workshop leader: Alywin Teh

Internal Control & Fraud Awareness Workshop leader: Tony Moore

Tax Series

Essentials of Goods & Services Tax (GST) Workshop leader: Koh Soo How

Assisted Self-Help Kit (ASK) and the IRAS audit - Have you been ASKed? Workshop leader: Koh Soo How

Recharges of expenses and reimbursements - a confusing concept for a simple tax? Workshop leader: Koh Soo How

The Science of Compliance