Food Supply and Integrity Services

The surge in food scandals have made consumers more conscious about the quality and safety of the food they consume. This has prompted an increase in regulatory requirements by governments to keep their communities safe. In tandem, complex customer needs, rising expectations from empowered consumers, globalisation of food supply chain and resource scarcity mean that food companies are facing huge challenges than ever before in maintaining trust.

Making food safe and protecting people from harm are of utmost importance in ensuring consumers’ confidence. This is among the most complex problems that businesses and society must solve, but it is also one of the greatest opportunities for food companies that get it right.

To turn the challenge into a competitive advantage, leading companies are already adopting approaches to enable them to anticipate where food trust issues can occur across the entire food supply chain. For example, having complete oversight over all stages of their supply chain and suppliers and using technology and data to proactively manage the risks before food trust issues arise. 

From farm to fork, with our fully integrated suite of food supply and integrity services, we are here to help you make your business more successful by building your capabilities to prevent costly crises. 

Trust is an asset and differentiator we’ll help you protect.

Food crises are increasing. Companies are losing money and customers are losing faith.

But this doesn’t have to be your reality with our food supply and integrity services. We can tackle your supply chain challenges to improve trust in your food. People want to know more about what they’re eating. We’re helping companies and governments do just that. This is exactly in PwC’s sweet spot.

For us, this isn’t just about preventing risks, but helping food companies meet a higher bar and compete on quality. We’ll save you money, build your reputation and make you more successful.

We’ll help you not only understand what’s required but to develop strategies to address what’s possible. This includes addressing supplier risks, traceability, regulatory change, food fraud, resource scarcity and helping you out of a crisis. We’ll support you on issues like the changing consumer, digital innovation, culture, risk management and more.

This is what we can offer. This is food trust, delivered by a global team offering a breadth of expertise combined to address the need for a fully integrated, end-to-end service that tackles your concerns.

Our services across the food trust value chain

Risk Management and Governance

We help give assurance services to give assurance to boards and management on company conformance, develop risk management and performance improvement plans and provide governance and cultural assessments to cultivate a quality focus culture and raise standards.

Growth strategy

We have a suite of strategic growth planning, deal consulting and due diligence services to assist companies position and execute their growth plans.

Food fraud

We help you understand your susceptibility to fraud and act to identify, assess and improve your supply chain resilience.

Digital solutions and traceability

We assist you to develop and implement traceability tools and frameworks to increase your resilience and customer confidence across your supply chain with our traceability and process improvement solutions.


We assist you to put in place the processes and procedures to be compliant with relevant regulatory requirements, embed a regulatory focus into your strategy and develop standards that will future-proof the company as changes take place.

Supply chain integrity

We help you take control by evaluating your vulnerabilities to disruptive events and support you in taking steps to enhance the resilience of your supply chain and improve performance.

Crisis management

We assist your company to manage and protect its reputation by preparing for, responding to and managing crisis event situations relating to food security, safety and quality (including crisis strategy planning, simulation, recall, investigations and remediation).