Illustrative Annual Report 2013

Sustaining Trust in Times of Change


  1. Publication Guide
  2. Foreword
  3. Table of contents
  4. Index to Illustrative Annual Report
  5. Board of Directors
  6. Corporate Governance Report
  7. Statutory Report and Financial Statements
    a. Directors' Report
    b. Statement by Directors
    c. Independent Auditors' Report
    d. Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income
    e. Balance Sheets
    f. Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity
    g. Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
  8. Significant Accounting Policies
  9. Notes to the Financial Statements
  10. Additional Disclosure Requirements
  11. Additional Illustrative Disclosures
  12. Technical References

e.IAR with practical guide - best viewed on laptops and desktops

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A Practical Guide to New Singapore Financial Reporting Standards for 2013


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